Security Consulting / Site Assessments

A representative of PDS will attend your business or residence, complete an assessment and recommend actions to be taken that would help the owner/tenant realize their Security goals.

Alarm Services

Further to the above, should the client wish to visit improvements a quote would be developed and presented regarding alarm systems, alarm monitoring and alarm response.

Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols will attend to the business or residence as desired by the client.

During patrols:

  • doors and windows will be checked to ensure they are secured
  • persons present will be challenged and identification requested
  • vehicle presence recorded
  • police and/or client representative advised as needed
  • detailed report prepared

Static Guards

Would be stationed at the business as a security presence and deterrence to criminal activity. This service could apply to retail stores, malls, banks, construction sites and commercial properties to discourage theft, disorderly conduct and other criminal activity. Police would be contacted to resolve this activity if necessary.

Loss Prevention

Secret shoppers, plain clothes guards and apprehension of persons committing criminal offences such as shoplifting within a retail outlet. Police would be contacted to complete the process and present the matter to the Courts.

Local Courier Service

Pick up valuable documents and bank deposits for delivery according to client needs.

Document Service

Locating and serving legal documents on individuals as requested by the client. This may include identification of the individual served, Affidavit of Service, presenting the document to the court, return notice of service via mail or courier as required by the client.

24/7 Answering Service

Employees working alone, remote locations or after hours check in service. Employers are thus able to maintain compliance with WorkSafe BC requirements with regular scheduled check ins.

Fire Security

Attendance and security of Fire Sites including but not limited to business, residential, outbuildings and forest fires. Guards will remain on site, and direct persons attending to the site to the client representatives or according specifics detailed by the client.

Family Watch

Utilize our check in service for elderly parents, family members, children and friends when you can’t. Personal or phone contact available as you wish. We won’t babysit your dog though, sorry!


  • Going away for a holiday and leaving teenage children home alone? Mobile patrol or phone contact with them as you desire to ensure the safety of the children and the property.
  • Do you live away from the area and have a concern over the safety and/or wellbeing of elderly parents, relatives or sickly family members? Regular attendance to their home to check on them is available. We cannot take the place of medical professionals.
  • As an elderly person, do you worry about your health and being alone? We can stop by and check on you as often as you like, reminding you to check in with your family/friends and health providers. Having trouble with door to door salespersons that would want to take advantage of you? We can lend an ear and put you in touch with the Police to help you resolve any issues. Incidents of suspected criminal activity (e.g. fraud, theft, break and enter, vandalism, missing property), will be reported to the Client and RCMP immediately. All incidents will be subject of a detailed report and supplied the following business day. We are an assistance service only to help with some peace of mind.
  • All patrols will be with a marked security vehicle and with a uniformed, trained and licensed security professional.


Are you leaving home for that extended winter vacation? We can check on your home, take in your mail and even water your plants. We have bundles to accommodate Insurance requirements as well as numerous other Security Solutions to allow you to enjoy your well-deserved time away.